You are a manufacturer of hardware and machinery. It does not matter at what level your business currently stands or how long you have been in the business of designing and manufacturing specialist tools and equipment. It does not matter even if you are doing particularly well in your line. Because this argument can be made at this point in time. You are a designer and/or manufacturer. Not a hardcore door to door salesman.

Would it not be better then to leave your necessary sales work to the seasoned hardware manufacturers representatives instead? Assume that your business is going well at this point in time then. It gets so much better when your inventories are being handled and sold off by dedicated professionals who have knowledge reputation at their side. These, indeed, are not your door to door salesmen. Today, they embrace a number of communications and marketing channels to get the sales message through.

A key component of being able to do this effectively is having the knowledge of the product to hand. You may have experienced this before, but there is nothing more unconvincing than a door knocker not being able to explain the full generics of the product line, at least. And it just goes to show how far a little close reading and research of product inventories and the processes they are destined for go. But even so, that is not all. Your consummate sales representative is effectively a member of your business team.

At the earliest stage of his own development, expect him to be on your shop floor with sleeves rolled up and a willingness to get those hands dirty. Expect him to live the experience of your business.